Encyclopedia of Life: The Ants

EOL: The Ants


Worlds within worlds

The challenge was to create a poster to raise a public awareness around something I'm passionate about. On a one fine day, I got myself imagining the pain for being a small organism. They're not cute and often far from warm and fuzzy. At times, either annoying, disgusting, or scary. But, have we tried taking a closer look at how they live and how they help one another to survive? All lives basically aren't that different.


Ant Kingdom inside an acorn

We will not want to hurt other lives, if we are aware that they are caring for their families, feeding their children, communicating with one another and doing their things, too. After listening to E.O.Wilson's TED talk, I was inspired by his devotion to the study of micro organisms—the little things—and his plea that we needed to understand them better in order to understand ourselves as a species. I chose to create a poster to raise an awareness for the project he launched after winning the TED Prize in 2007 from his concept "Encyclopedia of Life" (EOL). I aim to inspire empathy with this poster. To visually communicate that the little things, like the ants and their big family inside an acorn, care for one another and collaborate to survive—just like we do. At the very least, I hope you think twice before you impulsively kill one of these little guys and let them be :)

  • Photo Manipulation
  • First Place in Digital Imaging at the Academy of Art University Spring Show 2009