challenge #1

Brand & Personality

One evening, a stranger called asking if I was available to help create a brand and a website. He called after seeing my illustration work and wanted to have my design DNA as the brand mascot. The company was then called "Schoolbags for Kids" (now has changed to "Bixbee" a couple of years ago), and yes, it planned to sell schoolbags. But that's not it, the mission is beyond dollars in the bank. One school bag purchased here, and another one, plus school supplies, is donated to a kid in need. Ok, that's unexpectedly awesome, sold, I'm in :)

The Brand's Mascot

Schoolbags for Kids needed a story. A tale of how it came to be, and why it needed kids around the world to become a part of the mission to help other kids in developing countries. It needed a leading character that will act as the mission leader. The character needed to be able to fly, is easily spotted from afar, and carried a yellow schoolbag. (yellow for caution. Kids in developing countries walk for miles to schools. This adds visibility)

Character Design


This is Bixbee. The leader of the Beekeepers Club and he's out to recruit kids around to world to help him on the mission. Buzzzzz...

Character Design


These are the Beekeepers: Jabari, Amita, Bertrand, and Sumiko. A group of multi-cultural and multi-talent kids from around the world.

Aspiring Characters

Jabari, a.k.a. Culture Quint-lingual, is a soft spoken handsomely tall Beekeeper from Tanzania is an expert speed reader. He’s read a book about every culture, but underneath that knowledge is an expert soccer superstar. While playing in Korea, Jabari set the record for the longest goal ever scored—80 yards!

Bertrand, a.k.a. the Smarty Tech, is an internationally-hip master mixer DJ spins at only the hottest clubs on the planet. Belize, Sweden, Kenya—you name it. He’s been there. He might just invent the hottest new gadget on the side. If there is one thing he craves in the end, it’s Sushi. He once ate 93 pieces in one sitting!

Amita, a.k.a. Grace & Giving , has endless patience, Amita has a true love for all animals, (even the ones that smell!). Projecting her strong voice, Amita stands on her stool to speak to schools worldwide about Schoolbags for Kids. She just returned from a trip to Kazakhstan. And by the way, Amita is also a talented ballerina…in fact, she can do 25 amazing pirouettes without stopping!

Sumiko, a.k.a. Sporty Chic, is always sporting the latest in international fashion, Sumiko is just right sized for the Beekeepers’ Club—she even has a designer pet frog named Herbert, a perfect accent to her handbag. Those who really know Sumiko are admirers of her adventurous spirit. Can you believe that she has climbed Mount Fuji? It’s 12,390 feet tall!

Beekeerpers + Superpower

Of course, they have their own superhero uniform and the magical ability to fly. How else would the schoolbags get delivered to children in need around the world? Right?

challenge #2

Online Presence

Now the brand and the characters are set. We needed a home on the inter-web where empowering stories and mission statement can be shared and the design bags to be purchased.

challenge #3


Illustrations for products and marketing materials

Approved by Little people around the world


One-There bags delivered!

We're Loved!