Dragon Medical Mobile & Desktop

DM 360º


Products Revamp

Traditionally, physicians dictate into their devices and the audio is sent to medical transcriptionist to be processed in the background. Now, an additional front-end dictation feature is introduced to be embedded to save cost and turn around time. An existing product is then needed to be redesigned to allow doctors to switch between the two dictation modes. New rules also have to be created to foreground an optimal dictation mode depending on the workflow the doctor is in.

Hospitals & Clinics

Based on the type of site selected—Hospitals and Clinics—available features vary, which causes interaction paths need to be designed to optimize the workflow.

Recorder vs. Speech

Recorder mode simply is a lot less work on the physicians, but comes with trade-offs: it costs more and a longer turn-around. For Speech mode, though it requires the physicians to self-edit the notes, it costs less and no turn-around time.

SDK customization

The challenge for this product revamp is to realign the UX/UI product, but the design needs to leave room for customizability, particularly on the SDK products that will be embedded inside the MR partner apps.

  • UX Design (UI + Interaction + Motion)