High-rise Hairdo? Not a Threat.

High-rise Hairdo?
Not a Threat.


Hair. Hair. Hair.

The challenge was to pick a product and then advertise it with visual. The first thought that creeped into my head was I wanted to do something crazy and outer-worldly. Absolutely unexpected and surprising. I sunk in deep thought trying to come up with an idea, rested my head on my fist, scratched my head, and there! HAIR!!


Crazy Hairdo with a Kingkong.
Why not?

Let's sell a hairspray, but how? Let's show its extreme capability of holding a crazy hairdo. A "high-rise" hair do? That's perfect! the word “high-rise” describes both tall buildings and a hairstyle. I took photographs of my hair laid flat, wrapped around a chopstick and a spatula, then combined them to construct the hairdo. Wait, this is not fun enough. I need another crazy something. Something that will totally escape the audience eyes if they don't carefully examine the piece. The hidden something that once discovered can be hilarious and rewarding. Maybe a creature with a similar texture as my black hair so it can camouflage into the hairdo convincingly... KINGKONG!!

  • Photo Manipulation
  • First Place in Digital Imaging at the Academy of Art University Spring Show 2008