Virtual Assistants

A wide range of business verticals—automotive, healthcare, retail, banks, insurance, telco—tasked the team to craft virtual assistants tailored to serve different audience.



In-app Virtual Assistant

Nina was debuted as the world’s first virtual assistant for customer services, with two products offered—mobile SDK and web SDK.

Design Reference

Composed of Nina basic components—Nina bar, Nina avatar, widgets, and hints panel—as well as the basic interaction—Listening, Processing, Alerting, Happy, etc. The reference is used as a starting point for clients and Professional Service teams to develop a customized version of Nina.

State Animations

We want our client's version of Nina to be able to engage their customers better. Not just tapping the mic button and speak to it. With Nina, a human touch is added to the interaction. Nina SDK is packaged with an array of expressions that function as visual cues to indicate the current state during a Nina interaction—when Nina is listening, processing, running into an error, pulling a sad tear drop when she fails to deliver a result, etc. Templates for these common states were scripted to retain an accurate timing for each animation.

Use Cases & Concepts

One size doesn't fit all

Debuted as the first mobile virtual assistant for Enterprise, Nina was the first of her kind. Static screens and text weren’t effective enough since Nina experience relies heavily on animations and transitions. I created use cases tailored for each client of various industries (i.e. enterprise, healthcare, automotive, etc.). Some as screenshots of the interaction. Some as a 90-sec motion graphics vignette. The aim is to give clients a better picture of what the Nina experience is, as well as making my developer friends’ lives a little easier.

Customer Implementations

Brand Ambassadors

Dom, Lily, Wendy, and Chip are among the names of Nina's new friends.


Domino's New Employee

Over 200,000 orders were placed by Dom's help, with about 500,000 orders placed at the end of 2014.


Geico's Mobile Assistant

  • UX/UI Design
  • Motion Design