Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen


Kitchen Tracker

On a daily basis, we run into questions like: What am I having for dinner? What’s in my kitchen? How much am I spending a month on groceries? Do I have what I need to cook my meal? ...Would it be nice if someone, or some system, that can keep track of your kitchen? SmartKitchen is an online application that automatically lists everything you have in your kitchen while giving you a set of life-simplifying features that make your everyday kitchen-related experiences more efficient.


Smart Kitchen

Web Application

SmartKitchen helps you keep track of what’s going on in your kitchen and surprises you with the possibilities based on what you already have. No extra shopping required. The features are ranging from kitchen-ready recipes, automated grocery lists, an analytics system for your foody activities, to a SmartPlayer widget that takes your voice command so you can be instructed by the video tutorial and cook at your own pace.


Product Features

kitchenReady Recipes

Now everything in your kitchen has its use. With the kitchenReady recipes you can cook right away. SmartKitchen allows you to search through a virtually infinite list of recipes based on what you have in your kitchen.

Automated Shopping Lists

SmartKitchen automatically generates grocery lists based on your use of the application and purchase history. SmartKitchen caters your shopping around your needs, budget and nutritional restrictions, and much more.

SmartKitchen Analytics

The Analytics section allows you to keep track of all your grocery finances as well as review thorough statistics about your daily use of the application.

SmartKitchen Mobile App

You can access your SmartKitchen account on-the-go with your smart phone device. Search for all kinds of recipes and check to see if you have the necessary ingredients to cook the chosen meal.

SmartKitchen Kiosk

You can access the in-store kiosk, log-in to your account, print your shopping list with a map of the store, estimated time you’ll spend on the store, and even coupons and deals to help you save money.


Using your voice command to navigate through the video tutorial of for a recipe and cook at your own pace.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Illustration
  • In collaboration with Tiago Cabaço