challenge #1

Initial Concept

A friend of mine approached me with his startup idea for a health tracker. No, it doesn't just track your heart rate and your steps (though it can) This one isn't another fitness tracker trying to get you in shape. This one wants you to be mindful. While the hardware itself was being developed, some raw, potential ideas for the mobile app to go with it also needed to be developed and actualized. So, I came in to help turn this project into a reality.

The Wearable

Not another health tracker. This won't remind you to take more step, it will pause you to take a deep breath.



Breathing patterns tracker

On the original wireframe for the home screen layout, all data points were presented: breath rate, percentage of current breath rate compared the baseline, calm points, time connected, disconnect button, sound on/off button, and battery slot. (Curious to see? Feel free.) My first task was to throw half of the elements out and reset the visual hierarchy to allow the information to be digestible at a glance

Activity & Calmers

Activity section of the app graphs out the user's breath rate through out the day compared the baseline he/she has set. User can earn extra calm breaths by engaging in Calmers—short calming exercises to increase calm breaths. At the time, we came up with 3 Calmers: Breathe, Capture, and Check.

  • Concept & UX/UI Design