Inspire Imagination

Technologies synthesize with creativity to illustrate the possibilities. I work on concepts to push the ideas for intelligent assistant. Although the playground is in Nuance speech-related technologies, I also constantly think of what other technologies we could potentially partner with to take the user experience to the next level. Concepts and ideas are developed for various verticals. Clients include the enterprises, OEMs, businesses, consumers, and healthcare industry.


AI &

Machine-human relationship is constantly being redefined by the emerging AI development. An experience with computers are expected to be smarter, proactive, and more natural. Project Wintermute began as my team at Nuance was challenged to generate interest and spark conversations with our clients, excite them with the capabilities of language technology, and invite them to imagine the possibilities.


Halo UI

Conversational UI

In 2011, what began as an internal project to design virtual assistant that had an appearance of an all-knowing intelligence became the primary visual and user interface used to demonstrate our stories and concepts to our clients. My main project role was on the visual and motion design of the avatar and the UI, as well as the domain icon set.



Dragon Mobile Assistant

The Halo UI design became the official design of Nuance’s top D2C mobile product—Dragon Mobile Assistant (DMA). In 2013, DMA was ranked as top 50 Best Android apps by Time.



— for the —


Collaborated with Sandwich Video on a short film to show our take on the future of virtual assistance.



News. Articles. Delivered.

A long read on a small screen can be painful. Reader reads news and articles to you, while playing a background music loop algorithmically generated based on the category or overall mood of the article's content.



Future of Healthcare

A physician's personal assistant who can remind of today's appointments, pull up patient's profile, alert on a possible side effect for using certain medications together, etc.

Design Reference


In-car Experience

Dragon Drive! is a concept-turned-product. Design reference was created to be used as a starting point for a client-specific development.



Truly Hand-free Wearable

An idea exploration to show how using voice as a primary input method on a wearable device makes more sense than touch interaction alone. These concepts were developed and prototyped along side the emerging trend towards smartwatch technology in the early 2013.

Aneeda—a voice-enabled personal assistant who lives in PULS smartwatch—is a product of our collaboration with's product team.


Emotions & Personalities

I worked with engineers and dialog designers to create two virtual assistants of contrasting personas. The challenge was to add “human” elements—emotions and personalities—and bring them to life. Hands-on prototypes with both personas assisting users across different platforms, along with a video that showed the two talking and performing tasks, were demoed at CES 2013.


Brand Personas

I was tasked to study clients' brand identities, create a unique virtual assistant that speaks with the brand's voice via visual design and motion design. I created UI mock-ups and hand-crafted avatar animations that express system feedbacks as well as emotion associated with the system response, and lots of pitch decks that explain the design rationale and how these brand-specific avatars can add delightfulness to the experience.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Concept & Ideation
  • Storyboarding
  • Art Direction
  • Visual & Motion Design
  • Motion Graphics